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Welcome to Part 2 of this 5-Part series on digital transformation (DX) in the enterprise. Read on to learn the new IT capabilities required for DX and how enterprise leaders can help implement them.

In Part 1 of this Digital Transformation (DX) blog series, the strategic priorities of a digital strategy were introduced. Today’s strategic priorities help you drive innovation at scale by innovating, integrating, and incorporating digital platforms into existing systems and service capabilities.

New IT Capabilities for DX and the Leadership Role

Whether IT is leading the digital transformation or not, IT brings several critical elements to the table:

1) Recommending emerging technologies to transform the business.

2) Ensuring innovation is integrated with enterprise systems.

3) Retooling the infrastructure to support the digital enterprise.

Successfully supporting the digital transformation of your enterprise will require IT to develop a new set of capabilities that align with the strategic digital priorities.  Each IT capability requires the following four elements:

1) Technology – the new IT systems, databases, applications and emerging technologies needed to employ in your organization

2) Talent –  the skills, knowledge, work styles and sourcing methods used to create the new digital IT workforce

3) Governance  –  the responsibilities, accountability, org design, and KPIs employed across the enterprise to assure the success of digital transformation

4) Processes –  the activities, procedures, data sets and resources that will need to come to bear across the organization

Part 3 of this series will begin to uncover more details around the Strategic Priorities of a Digital Strategy, starting with Experiential Engagement, to help you develop customer engagement IT capabilities.

Meredith Whalen is Senior Vice President for IDC’s IT Executive Program and Industry, Software and Services Research & CIO Executive Council.

Visit idc.com/itexecutive for more resources geared towards the IT and LOB leadership teams.

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