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Payer/Provider Contract Management 2.0 for Payers

The day-to-day management of fee-for-value (FFV) transactions is virtually 100% manual, with critical calculation of value-based payments performed by spreadsheet or custom programming in SAS or SQL. As the number and breadth of value-based relationships grow, the industry’s administrative burden worsens. Important FFV calculations and financial settlements are months delayed, lacking transparency and accuracy. The ability of payers to launch new value-centric benefit products is hobbled by inflexible contract and payment platforms.

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Leadership Strategies

Fulfilling the Digital Transformation (DX) Strategic Priority of Digital Business at Scale

IDC Digital Leadership Blog

This is part 5 of the blog series on Digital Transformation (DX). This blog focuses on one of the three strategic priorities for the enterprise – Digital Business at Scale, creating an operating model to run new businesses at scale.

For previous parts in the series, see Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 or Part 4.

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