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7 Steps to Controlling Cloud Sprawl

7 Steps to Controlling Cloud Sprawl

By 2020, over 90% of enterprises will use multiple cloud services and platforms, but only one-third of these organizations have established mechanisms to operate their multicloud environments. As cloud adoption grows, cloud provisioning, monitoring, and integration will become critical as organizations cope with multiple providers with different APIs, workflows, and tools. In fact, enterprise focus has already begun to shift from cloud adoption to dealing with the problem of too many clouds (a.k.a. “cloud sprawl”).

Addressing the Problem

To begin to address the challenge of cloud sprawl, follow these 7 steps:

1) Recognize the potential challenges associated with cloud sprawl

2) Address cloud sprawl as an issue with business and financial impacts

3) Create a cloud transparency team, with executive support

4) Identify current cloud initiatives

5) Capture planned cloud spend

6) Perform technical debt analysis

7) Perform cloud sprawl management reviews, with ongoing reporting

Establishing Transparency

The results of this seven-step process will be as follows:

  • A comprehensive, documented source describing all cloud initiatives and their expected benefits to the enterprise
  • A cloud transparency worksheet tracking technical debt estimates for all current and future costs
  • A cloud initiative road map

The CIO should lead with the support of senior management and in partnership with vendor management, and finance and LOB management.  He/she must establish the cloud transparency reporting process as a critical element of enterprise planning and budgeting and should report progress and issues to management on an ongoing basis. All parties will benefit from this transparency, as uncontrolled cloud sprawl threatens the ongoing health and viability of an organization.

Avoid Uncontrolled Innovation

Cloud sprawl is a result of uncontrolled innovation. Learn more about key actions to controlling innovation with this complimentary web conferencethat features insights from IDC’s IT Executive Programs, a research program for IT professionals and business leaders.

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