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Worldwide 3D Printing 2019 Predictions

IDC 3D Printing 2019 Predictions

The 3D printing market continues to advance with new price/performance levels achieved on an ongoing basis. The result of this market evolution is that new applications satisfied by 3D printing are either recently available or expected to be available in the near future. The end result is that 3D printing is part of a technology ecosystem that is fueling substantial digital transformation (DX) activity.

IDC provides its top 10 predictions for 3D printing with analysis that covers up to a five-year period. The predictions are designed to provide organizational decision makers with a call-to-action
investment plan with respect to this technology. Our prediction statements are as follows:

  • Prediction 1: By 2021, 40% of the top 2,000 manufacturers will utilize 3D printing combinedwith intelligent machine tools to optimize material usage, thus reducing waste by at least 25%.
  • Prediction 2: Despite rapid ongoing advances in biologics 3D printing, patient-specific durable medical devices will account for 80% of the commercial healthcare 3D printing market in 2023.
  • Prediction 3: Trade wars and manufacturing automation will have driven more than 40% of discrete manufacturers worldwide to implement 3D printing by 2021.
  • Prediction 4: By 2022, 75% of all new 3D printers will support new materials with properties like gel and rubber, thus driving $2 billion in new spending related to 3D printed products.
  • Prediction 5: By 2021, 30% of electronics manufacturers worldwide will have incorporated 3D printed electronics and 4D printing to address the demand of stretchable and flexible
    electronics amid growing IoT adoption.
  • Prediction 6: By 2023, 50% of industrial and professional 3D prints will be influenced by generative design, topology optimization, and marketplace software.
  • Prediction 7: By 2020, 3D printing advances will have driven more than 50% of aerospace manufacturers worldwide to partner with industry-standards development groups to formalize
    the use of 3D printing.
  • Prediction 8: By 2024, 35% of 3D printer CAD files will be protected by blockchain as companies look for decentralized low-cost options to protect digital IP from theft and loss.
  • Prediction 9: By 2021, every major international footwear manufacturer will produce, market, and sell an athletics shoe line that is nearly 100% 3D printed.
  • Prediction 10: By 2022, 20% of 3D printer equipment manufacturers will have adopted an “as a service” model as the primary avenue to reach customers and maximize their market potential.

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For context around these predictions, including the IT impact and guidance on how to integrate each prediction in the digital strategy of the enterprise, view the IDC FutureScape: Worldwide 3D Printing 2019 Predictions web conference on-demand.

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