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Worldwide Cloud 2019 Predictions

IDC Cloud 2019 Predictions

We’re experiencing unprecedent disruption in how businesses operate, driven largely by changes in customer expectations and behavior. For organizations with the cultural fortitude to capitalize on the trends presented in IDC’s FutureScape report, “IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Cloud 2019 Predictions”,  the next four to five years offer the opportunity to dramatically improve performance, while the less able and willing struggle to retain customers and margin. These predictions are discussed in greater detail within the IDC FutureScape report, along with our assessment of their IT impact and our recommendations for how organizations should approach these initiatives. For a sample of predictions plus IT Impact and recommendations, visit the web conference link mentioned at the end of this blog.

Top 10 Worldwide 2019 Predictions for Cloud

  • Prediction 1: By 2022, the top 4 clouds (“megaplatforms”) will be the destination of choice for 80% of workloads, while lock-in will be avoided through multicloud and cloud-native approaches to achieve portability.
  • Prediction 2: By 2021, 70% of new enterprise applications will be developed cloud native, based on a hyperagile architecture, but only 10% of those environments will have machine learning capabilities built in.
  • Prediction 3: By 2024, 90% of Global 1000 organizations will have a multicloud management strategy that includes integrated tools across public and private clouds.
  • Prediction 4: By 2023, more than 50% of enterprise IT operations spend will be consumption based, opting for public cloud platform as a lower-risk option to manage complexity and aligning cost to revenue.
  • Prediction 5: By 2022, more than 40% of organizations’ cloud deployments will include edge computing to address bandwidth bottlenecks, reduce latency, and process data for decision support in real time.
  • Prediction 6: By 2022, organizations will spend more on vertical SaaS applications, excluding desktop and internal employee productivity apps, than horizontally designed applications.
  • Prediction 7: By 2020, 75% of enterprises using public cloud will also use an enterprise private cloud platform; majority of these platforms will support delivery of higher-layer PaaS and SaaS functionalities.
  • Prediction 8: By 2022, 60% of G2000 enterprises will be AI-enabled, with over 50% of enterprise application workflows aided by AI to better utilize legacy data, real-time operational data, and third-party data feeds.
  • Prediction 9: Enterprises’ need to optimize ROI, reduce budgets, and cope with scarcity of cloud experts drives spending on managed cloud services to nearly $75 billion by 2022 and almost 25% of technology outsourcing.
  • Prediction 10: By 2020, 40% of organizations will have invested in automation, orchestration, and development life-cycle management of cloud-native applications to realize the cost benefits and operational efficiencies.

Learn more about the 2019 Cloud Predictions

For context around these predictions, including the IT impact and guidance on how to integrate each prediction in the digital strategy of the enterprise, view the IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Cloud 2019 Predictions web conference on-demand.

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