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2019 Predictions IDC FutureScape - Worldwide Predictions

Worldwide SMB 2019 Predictions

IDC SMB 2019 Predictions

IDC forecasts that in 2019 worldwide SMB IT spending will approach $630 billion in 2019, which is $27 billion over 2018 levels. A shift in emphasis from traditional 2nd Platform hardware (PC, server, and network) to 3rd Platform (social, mobile, cloud, and big data) resources and software solutions will continue, something both small businesses (SBs; with fewer than 100 employees) and midsize firms (MBs; with 100–999 employees) should keep in mind as they plan for technology investments next year and beyond.

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2019 Predictions IDC FutureScape - Worldwide Predictions Manufacturing Retail

Worldwide Supply Chain 2019 Predictions

IDC Supply Chain 2019 Predictions

The supply chain continues on its journey of almost unparalleled levels of change. Digital transformation is now the overriding priority for most manufacturers and retailers, with the adoption of digital technologies aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness as well as providing the opportunity to either disrupt their market segment or be resilient to others that may try.

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2019 Predictions IDC FutureScape - Worldwide Predictions Leadership Strategies

Top 10 Worldwide CIO Agenda 2019 Predictions

IDC 2019 Predictions for the CIO

This blog lists the top 10 worldwide predictions for the CIO. Tech suppliers will also find this helpful in understanding the agenda of the CIO. These technology predictions are meant to help the enterprise with strategic planning within the typical five-year business planning cycle.

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