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Top 10 Worldwide Enterprise Infrastructure 2019 Predictions

IDC Worldwide Enterprise Infrastructure 2019 Predictions

IT leaders have never had so much choice in their infrastructure strategies, on-premises, off-premises, and the increasingly common hybrid model. With this expanding range of choices comes the potential to positively impact budgets, staffing, operational effectiveness, and business outcomes by reaching the right balance.

IDC identified technology forces and innovation accelerators that are enabling digital transformation (DX) and creating disruption within established IT segments. It is these technologies that successful CIOs will embrace as they embark on three imperatives:

  • Modernizing their IT foundation
  • Enabling emerging products and services such as artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, and cloud-native apps
  • Developing future-looking, data-driven IT organizations

In this IDC study, analysts identify the technologies that CIOs and IT organizations must begin to evaluate and implement to not only remain competitive but outperform their industry peers. Increasingly, the CIOs of the future must craft a path to both refresh and support existing systems with greater efficiency and economies while pioneering an organization that has the skills, processes, and technology that serve as a launchpad for greater levels of both operational and business innovation, doing so while often transforming cultural norms, practices, and work patterns.

This IDC FutureScape serves as a blueprint for enterprises that will thrive in the modern, digital economy by leveraging technology to forge new business models, customer experiences, and products with data serving as the foundation of the new opportunities. Increasingly, the CIO alone cannot enable this transformation. Instead, it is the CIO in concert with new leadership roles — from data officers to innovation officers to data scientists and technology officers — that together can bridge the path to the data-centric organization. CIOs must reinvent their organizations or else risk becoming ineffective or obsolete. By 2022, the following could be true:

  • By 2022, AI capabilities such as anomaly detection and pattern classification will have reduced the workloads involved in simulation and modeling tasks by 25%.
  • By 2022, 50% of server platforms will apply pervasive encryption to all data at rest and in flight, and such pervasive encryption will need to be quantum safe.
  • By 2022, service meshes will be used in more than 50% of cloud-native production environments, thus redefining application delivery infrastructure and service chains.
  • By 2022, over 80% of enterprises will prioritize the public cloud experience — such as access to new technologies and intuitive operations workflows — across all their infrastructure platforms.
  • By 2020, over 50% of multinationals worldwide will have automated their cloud, IT infrastructure, and data governance setups to comply with regional data regulations such as GDPR and PSD2.
  • Through 2021, NVMewill rapidly replace SCSI as the core technology in primary external enterprise storage arrays, driving over $5 billion in NVMe-based all-flash array (NAFA) revenue.
  • Through 2022, DX will lead to enterprises spending nearly $65 billion on hybrid cloud data services for protection, integration and orchestration, security and compliance, and location optimization.
  • By 2022, 25% of all systems that run AI will use custom AI processors (ASIC or ASSP), as such processors run AI tasks more efficiently than general-purpose accelerators.
  • Through 2021, spending on automated intelligent edge networking will yield a $4.5 billion SD-WAN infrastructure market, and ultimately, the creation of software-defined branch and cloud-managed NaaS.
  • By 2022, at least two quantum computer projects will have achieved noiseless quantum supremacy, enabling them to solve problems beyond what traditional computers can solve.

Note: This IDC FutureScape cites certain technology vendors. This information is for general-purpose use only. In no instance does any citation represent IDC’s endorsement of a vendor’s products or strategy, now or in the future.

This IDC study provides IDC’s top 10 predictions for enterprise infrastructure for 2019 and beyond.

Digital transformation initiatives continue to accelerate IT spend in newer areas, with the goal of modernizing enterprise infrastructure, making it capex friendly, and agility and elasticity needed to service real-time business demands.

For context around these predictions, including the IT impact and guidance on how to integrate each prediction in the digital strategy of the enterprise, view the IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Enterprise Infrastructure 2019 Predictions web conference on-demand.

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