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7 Guiding Principles of Business-Oriented KPIs for IT

7 Principles to Business-Oriented KPIs

Driven by the acceleration of digital transformation within their enterprises, CIOs have engaged in a significant shift in their IT leadership objectives which are driving the development, monitoring, and usage of new IT metrics and KPIs.   What are the new guiding principles being used to deal with the “service oriented” IT business required by the rapid introduction of new technologies?  Such concepts may seem obvious when listed but are too often unknown during implementation of metrics.

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Why Digital Transformation is Demanding New KPIs for IT

Digital Transformation Demands New KPIs

Digital transformation (DX) is causing a shift in the enterprise. Business leaders must rely on new KPIs for effective IT measurement. This blog covers the shift from traditional IT KPIs to the new KPIs that are being demanded as organizations are disrupted by digital transformation.

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