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3 Key Points about the Changing Utility Industry to Take Away from Tendril’s Acquisition of EnergySavvy

On May 3rd, 2019, Tendril announced the agreement to acquire EnergySavvy in a strategic move to gain more market share in the competitive utility home energy management space.  Tendril’s core offerings have been focused on residential customer engagement products and services, which provide personalized energy efficiency and demand side management products and programs. The acquisition of EnergySavvy brings advanced personalization capabilities to the Tendril Platform.

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Worldwide Customer Experience 2019 Predictions

IDC CX 2019 Predictions

Providing a differentiated customer experience is becoming more difficult for brands. Yes, customers are integrating more technology into their lives that results in more channels engage with and more data for the brand, it also makes it more difficult to provide a consistent experience across those channels to effectively and contextually target those customers with the right experience without more technology. It is becoming a never-ending cycle.

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Is 100% Customer Satisfaction Worth it for a Manufacturer?

Customer Satisfaction and Manufacturing

This past week, I came across an article which explored how one luxury auto manufacturer looked to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. To me this seems like a goal off a billboard or one found on a motivational poster in a contact center. But this manufacturer truly believes it can and should have this as its target to be measured and be held to account.

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Leadership Strategies

Fulfilling the Digital Transformation (DX) Strategic Priority of Experiential Engagement

Technology Usage

Welcome to Part 3 of this 5-Part blog series on Digital Transformation (DX). Picking up from where Part 2 left off, this blog focuses on one of the three strategic priorities for the digital transformation of the enterprise – Experiential Engagement, the blending of digital and physical in consumer engagement.

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