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Digital Transformation Investment Fast Approaching Majority of Total Technology Investment

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An increasing number of businesses are spending the lion’s share of their IT budgets on digital transformation (DX) technologies. But many businesses are not — and the high speed at which DX is reshaping industries is leaving some vendors and end users behind. As the DX wave continues to gain velocity, the question must be asked: Can these businesses catch up?

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Using KPIs and Metrics to Demonstrate IT’s Business Contributions

KPIs and Metrics IDC Blog

For CIOs, metrics are a key means of measuring the performance and effectiveness of their IT organizations in support of organizational improvement. During the recent IDC web conference ” New Metrics & KPIs for the Digitally Transformed IT Organization,” my colleague Bill Keyworth and I shared the results from our latest IDC MeasureScape survey and discussed new metrics and KPI’s for digitally transforming IT organizations working on infrastructure modernization and cloud adoption.

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Leadership Strategies

Strategic Architecture: A Stepping-Stone to IT Transformation (ITX)

“Architecture is not about installing infrastructure, but designing ways that information is stored and moved,” says Joe Spagnoletti, CIO of US LBM, a $3 billion specialty distributor of lumber, roofing, siding, and other building materials across 30 states. “When it comes to technology, we want to stay ahead of our competition, but not our technology partners,” he says. To do this successfully requires “people who understand the business and what connects to what and where we can disintermediate competitors or change the way things work by connecting things together in ingenious ways,” Spagnoletti says. These people are the company’s architects.

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2019 Predictions Government IDC FutureScape - Worldwide Predictions Manufacturing

Top 10 Worldwide Connected Vehicle 2019 Predictions

IDC Worldwide Connected Vehicle 2019 Predictions

IDC’s top 10 predictions for the 2019 worldwide connected vehicle market were developed with input from technology and product vendors, service providers, and technology buyers in the automotive, IT, and government segments as well as from IDC’s connected vehicle analysts. These predictions focus on providing guidance on key connected vehicle trends that impact the automotive service value chain, from vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) and tier 1 suppliers to wireless network operators and state and local governments.

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2019 Predictions IDC FutureScape - Worldwide Predictions Robotics

Top 10 Worldwide Robotics 2019 Predictions

IDC Robotics 2019 Predictions

This IDC FutureScape presents the IDC Worldwide Robotics team’s analysis of key drivers relating to robotics and drone technologies, and how these drivers are likely to shape the development of robotics and drones in the planning horizon of 2019 through 2024. The development and deployment of robotics (including drones) in various industries continued to accelerate in 2017, with double-digit growth based on IDC research.

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Why You Should Care About Generative Design

Why You Should Care About Generative Design

With PTC’s $70M acquisition of generative design software vendor Frustum announced today, and the continued focus on expanding generative design capabilities by Autodesk, Dassault Systèmes, and Siemens, manufacturers have multiple options for AI and machine learning-infused CAD and CAE (i.e. simulation).

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2019 Predictions Finance IDC FutureScape - Worldwide Predictions

Top 10 Worldwide Payments 2019 Predictions

IDC Payments 2019 Predictions

This IDC Financial Insights study presents the top 10 predictions — in no particular order — for payment leaders to consider as they think through their upcoming plans. A common set of key drivers are included so that technology leaders can look at the broader conditions beyond the predictions.

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2019 Predictions Energy IDC FutureScape - Worldwide Predictions

Top 10 Worldwide Mining 2019 Predictions

IDC - Mining 2019 Predictions

This year, 2018, has been the year that digital transformation (DX) became mainstream in the mining sector. The challenge now for technology leadership across IT and operations within mining companies is delivering a return on the initial investments and then being able to make the case for the ongoing change that will be required across technologies, people, and processes to continue to reap the value that these expanded capabilities offer to leverage data further. The opportunity is to move beyond optimising the current operating model and operational siloes and focus on an integrated value chain within an open ecosystem.

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2019 Predictions IDC FutureScape - Worldwide Predictions

Top 10 Worldwide Manufacturing 2019 Predictions

IDC Worldwide Manufacturing 2019 Predictions

These predictions provide a strategic context that will enable CIOs to lead their organizations through a period of multiplied innovation and disruption over the next 5 years. They also lay out IDC’s vision for the 10 most important shifts that will happen in IT organizations over the next 60 months and will help senior IT executives in the formation of their strategic IT plans.

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2019 Predictions IDC FutureScape - Worldwide Predictions

Top 10 Worldwide Hospitality and Travel 2019 Predictions

IDC Worldwide Hospitality 2019 Predictions

This IDC FutureScape provides IT executives in hospitality organizations across the globe with actionable insights for likely future technology and business scenarios. The intended readers of this IDC FutureScape include, but are not limited to, members of the executive, business, and IT leadership of hospitality organizations worldwide. These FutureScape predictions suggest that the next five years will continue to focus on the adoption of disruptive and innovative technologies, which will drive digital transformation (DX) forward at a rapid pace through several key themes, including:

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