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AI Leadership Strategies

Artificial Intelligence: 15 takeaways from AGENDA19 to help you succeed with AI

Reflecting on my past day and a half attending AGENDA19, I am happy to share that I feel immersed with intelligence. AGENDA is an annual business leadership conference focused on driving organizations forward in changing times.

The overarching theme for our AI/ML sessions was “Where Companies are Winning with Digital” and it was covered in two segments:

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Retail Renaissance: Takeaways from the NRF “Big Show” 2019

NRF’s Big Show 2019 should have been held in Phoenix. Like that city’s namesake, a long-lived bird of mythology, retail cyclically regenerates, arising from the ashes of its predecessor. While retail is clearly not in ashes, it is being reinvented before our eyes.

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2019 Predictions IDC FutureScape - Worldwide Predictions

Top 10 Worldwide Intelligent ERP 2019 Predictions

IDC Worldwide iERP 2019 Predictions

In this study, the global team of IDC analysts presents the top 10 predictions around intelligent ERP (i-ERP) and associated intelligent enterprise applications. i-ERP and intelligent enterprise applications use machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and advanced analytics built on a large, curated data set to forecast, track, learn, route, analyze, predict, report, and manage enterprise assets and business processes. Intelligent ERP and intelligent enterprise applications feature an assistive and conversational user experience and free users’ time for higher-value tasks by automating high-volume repeatable tasks and augmenting (via human-machine interaction) the performance of less frequent, more novel tasks. They are capable of processing, analyzing, and acting on massive volumes of data in real time using in-memory computing (IMC) technologies. As systems that learn, i-ERP and intelligent enterprise applications must allow for ongoing reconfiguration to enable process refinements and user experience (UX) adaption.

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