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Utility Grid Attacks Highlight the Need for Digital Trust

IDC Digital Trust Blog

Over the past two years there has been mounting evidence of the Russians attacking the U.S. utility grid. Recently, the Wall Street Journal provided more specific details about the campaign revealing that hundreds of small contractors were attacked. While the techniques used were not novel, the campaign highlights an increasingly pervasive problem, as the Journal points out:

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2019 Predictions IDC FutureScape - Worldwide Predictions

Top 10 Worldwide Education 2019 Predictions

Worldwide Education 2019 Predictions

Educating today’s digital natives — including today’s millennials and Generation Z — requires a new paradigm of pedagogy. In fact, Marc Prensky, inventor of the term “digital natives,” hypothesized that the massive proliferation of digital technology globally in the last two decades has changed the way students deliberate and assimilate information, making it hard for them to excel academically if schools still use the outmoded pedagogy methods of days gone by. Therefore, students raised in a digital, media-saturated ecosystem require media-rich digital content to learn effectively.

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2019 Predictions IDC FutureScape - Worldwide Predictions Security

Top 10 Worldwide Security Products and Services 2019 Predictions

IDC Security Products and Services 2019 Predictions

The IDC FutureScape is an important compilation of several disciplines within IDC’s research sectors distilling insights from IT, cybersecurity, analytics, managed security services, identity and access management, and data and digital security. The perspective is global, and analysts from different global regions participated in the study. Each prediction is designed to demonstrate an outcome, although the limit of the study are predictions made through January 1, 2024. The larger goal of the exercise is to provide guidance for IT technology providers and for technology providers to best utilize their personnel, maximize the impact of current investments (and plan future investments), and improve their cybersecurity postures.

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Risk Reduced Per Unit Cost: A Critical Measurement of Security Effectiveness

Measuring Security Effectiveness

The most important security metric is “risk reduced per unit cost.” This metric enables you to collect the costs associated with your security environment related to the amount of risk that you have reduced.

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