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Autonomous Mobile Robots Prominent at Recent Supply Chain Events

Over the past two weeks, I have been to two supply chain events and at each of them autonomous mobile robots were a focal point.  The first was LogiMat, an international trade show for Intralogistics, held in Stuttgart Germany.  LogiMat is a massive event, with over 60,000 attendees and exhibitors across all aspects of supply chain and logistics.  Notable autonomous mobile robotics exhibitors included 6River Systems, Geek+, Magazino, and GreyOrange. 

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Digital Determination in Pharma and Life Sciences: The Time is Now for European Supply Chains

Digital Determination in Pharma and Life Sciences

Life sciences supply chains need to adjust to increasingly complex environments globally. Pharma manufacturers and wholesalers in Europe must undergo a fundamental transformation to remain competitive in this market. The rapidly approaching deadline of the European Union’s Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) for drug serialization and traceability is currently the top concern of life science companies supplying pharmaceutical products to the European markets. However, companies can take this opportunity to upgrade their digital systems and operations and realize the broader potential of the 3rd platform and innovation accelerator technologies to achieve “smart compliance,” deriving a longer-term business value for their supply chains.

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2019 Predictions IDC FutureScape - Worldwide Predictions

Top 10 Worldwide IoT 2019 Predictions

IDC IoT 2019 Predictions

Internet of Things (IoT) remains one of the top digital transformation initiatives happening across organizations today. While much of the focus has been on digitally enabling the physical, we are seeing IoT move into its next chapter as the harmonization between human and machine begins to happen. IoT underpins the exchange of information from “things,” people, and processes. Data becomes the common denominator and it enhances our senses and business processes by providing critical visual, audio, tactile, and environmental queues that allow us to adjust, adapt, and react to changing conditions in the world around us.

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2019 Predictions IDC FutureScape - Worldwide Predictions Manufacturing Retail

Worldwide Supply Chain 2019 Predictions

IDC Supply Chain 2019 Predictions

The supply chain continues on its journey of almost unparalleled levels of change. Digital transformation is now the overriding priority for most manufacturers and retailers, with the adoption of digital technologies aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness as well as providing the opportunity to either disrupt their market segment or be resilient to others that may try.

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